Software Toko MurahThe retail business world is very dynamic and always improving. One of the dominant factors in the progressive improvement of retail business is information system and technology, which shape up the business in the last ten years. In this technology era, it is very difficult to imagine retail business without the implementation of information system and technology. There are many things in the industry that we should pay attention for, such as the sales process, products distribution, assortment, promotion etc. There are also many retail operational models, starting from minimarkets network to hypermarket, from convenient stores to department stores, and from fastfood to fine dining restaurant. Therefore, retail business needs to rely on solid information system and technology support, in order to provide more accurate information in a snap.

Datadigi is a company that focused on providing service for retail business solution. We provide solution for Point of Sale (POS), Distribution Center (DC), Head Office (HO) to Financial Accounting System. Whether you only need the POS system or fully integrated solution, Datadigi will provide you the appropriate application suitable for your retail business. Datadigi integrated application is a unique solution for your retail business, as it would provide daily operation system in the stores with POS application, collect all the information to HO, distribute products to all stores as well as controlling the inventory and purchasing, provide financial and accounting information.

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