FAST is a Financial and Accounting application, operating in head office for receiving all transactions from branches and head office in accounting format, and to provide financial functions and reporting.


If you want to take a look all of the transactions in your business by financial perspective, FAST is the answer. Optionally, you can implement and connect FAST to existing SPIN, and it will automatically receive all transactions in daily basis and provide financial reports. Some of the facilities available in FAST are:

  • Multiple Companies and users
  • Multiple Currencies, Multiple Departments
  • Use your own Chart of Account structure (not predefined)
  • Import facilities for Chart of Account format, external journal and other transaction in Ms-Excel format.
  • User security
  • Cash Bank module
  • Account Payable module
  • Account Receivable module
  • General Ledger module
  • Posting and Un-posting of all transactions
  • Monthly and Yearly closing with optional re-opening facility
  • Aging, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet reports in a click